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Our muse

Arctic Tern (Sterna paradisaea), a strongly migrating bird which has a circumpolar breeding distribution covering Arctic, sub-Arctic and Antarctic coast, travelling over 70-90,000 Km EVERY YEAR, is our Wanderer-in-Chief!

They are by far the longest known migrating species known, seeing two summers each year, get to experience more daylight than any other animal in the world (hence ‘Bird of the Sun’) as it migrates from its northern Arctic breeding grounds to southern Antarctic coast for summer and back again each year. They are estimated to travel over 90,000 Km every year.

Arctic Tern Picture PostCard

Experience the life & journey of Arctic Tern in pictures, courtesy Carsten Egevang

“I am not the same...having seen moon shine on the other side of the moon!”

– Mary Anne Radmacher