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Wanderers Bangalore

Wanderers, Bangalore

Our flagship craft brewery in Bangalore epitomizes and offers you, our patron, the best of what we have to offer: beer, food, entertainment and an environment to enjoy with fellow Wanderers. Wandering through our three ‘zones’, you can choose to be a Wanderer of the Seas or a Wanderer of the Land and / or Soar into the Skies!

Wanderers of the Seas

Deep, unfathomable and mystic, Seas are the ultimate and still largely unexplored, just as our soul!

She has arrived! The brew-house, ensconced in a ship having arrived, invites you to sit by her bow and enjoy the freshly brewed beers and share pride in our craft beer. You can also sit by the the wharf, looking out into the sea. The compass on the floor guides you, the wannabe traveller, to seek your destination!

Come……we invite you to sit by the wharf, contemplate, plan and / memorize the exploration of your journey, enjoying our Art & Pride in Craft Beer™!

Wanderers of the Land

Ever since we stepped on land, exploration for food – hunting, gathering, conquering and finally to settle down is natural to our living.

This is where the artists – budding and famous, bloom and enthral you! This is where you can try your hand at tap your own beer at the Beer Cave, shaking a leg and jiving!

We invite you to explore the geography, wandering and traveling……, enjoying our Art & Pride in Craft Beer ™!

Soaring into the Skies

As we evolve, as the soul seeks to be ‘… of the known for the unknown to be’, as we soar into the skies…..we invite you to be one with the nature, with yourself, enjoying our Art & Pride in Craft Beer

You can sit by the cascading water wall, along the shallow pool, amidst the greens and the soaring skies. Our roof-top is all / any-weather friendly, with a retractable roof (first in Bangalore).  The bell tower standing tall with our muse the Arctic Tern, on the weathervane will help you find your way!

Offering EXCLUSIVE space for 20-200 PAX to host you, your family, your team, we welcome and invite you to have your Meetings / Conferences | Parties | Work from Wanderers with specially curated menu and offers for various occasions!

Wanderers of the Seas

A tranquil, ‘sea-side’ place, looking at our Ship, looking out into the ocean, our Seas is a space for family & friends.

The soft curated music evokes nostalgia and longing and makes you sway to the music from the past and also contmporary collection!

Wanderers of the Land

Our high-energy space, for clubbing, jiving and letting your hair down and sway to the beats! With very high-end acoustics, this is the place to experience music as it OUGHT to be!

This is where we host live bands, DJs, private screenings, sports live screenings in one of the largest and sharpest screens! We invite, encourage  and host talent enthralling you!

We host private parties, conferences upto 200 PAX with an experience which  enhances your memories / experiences!

Soaring into the Skies

One of the best roof-tops in town…with the city’s first retractable roof, makes our Skies All / Any weather space for you to enjoy the blessing that the weather in namma Bengaluru!

With just the cascading waterfall and windchimes the space is ONE with nature and IN nature!

You can look at our wood fired pizzas, live food counters; have conferences & team meetings that are all in nature!

“We travel, initially, to lose ourselves; and we travel, next to find ourselves”

– Pico Iyer