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wanderers Craft Brewery & Artisan Cafe

We Enhance Your Social Bonding

The Art Pride in Craft Beer(R)!

Experience the Authentic EUROPEAN STYLE Craft Beer in Bangalore

Enter Wanderers Craft Brewery and you will be impressed with the eclectic and tastefully done interiors. Spread over three floors, the premises is designed into three experience zones,  Wanderers of the Seas, Wanderers of the Land and Soaring into the Skies. 

Brewing authentic European style craft beer and offering a wide range of authentic regional dishes from India and also the World, Wanderers is built to cater to a wide variety and taste profiles of the guests. We are a wholesome place for everyone, avowed to enhance social bonding of the guests.

A German Brauhaus, Reinheitsgebot beers

One of the only 3 German micro breweries in India, founded by a leader in brewing industry with over 15 years of experience in the industry, who is the chief brewer at Wanderers, the beers are indeed result of commitment & passion. 

Crafted carefully with quality ingredients and brewed naturally with no additives (no enzymes & process aids), the beers are as individual as You are!


Your Happy Place to Unwind

More than just a a place for food and beverage (FNB), we offer experience.

Laugh, share stories, and build memories that last at Wanderers, your hub for bonding.

Our Seas, Land & Skies offer different audio visual experience to YOU, making it an immersive and memorable outing at your Social Bonding!



Crafted by an experienced brewer

Perhaps the only micro-brewery where the founder brews, the beers are a result of passion, experience of over 15 years and deep insights at consumer taste and palette. 

Such craft combined with German technology and precision are sure to offer you beers that are authentic, thirst-quenching and pleasurable indeed! Many of our beers – Cauvery Bliss (German Pilsener), WanWeiss (Hefeweizen), Indus (IPA) and La Trappe (Trappist Dubbel) are benchmarked and enthral you with sensory pleasure that lingers on long after you savour.


Our Muse - The Arctic Tern

Artic Tern

Journeying with the Arctic Tern

Arctic Tern, a migratory bird which travels over 90000 Km EVERY YEAR, flying from Arctic to Antarcitica AND BACK, is our Wanderer-in-Chief.

She is our muse, she is our spirit and she is our guide to perseverance. This remarkable bird, known for its epic migratory journey, embodies the spirit of exploration and discovery that we cherish.

Wanderers(R): Our Food Offering

As we wander across the World and as we travel the length & breadth of India, we choose dishes that pair well with beer and offer to You! Our regional food is based from various agro-climatic zones of India (not geographical States) as the climate and agronomy determines the cuisines and food culture of the region.

Thus we offer multi-cuisine & multi-regional dishes to suit the cosmopolitan and well-traveled guest that You are! We can host guests with multiple and varied tastes & preferences, all under one roof and all at once!

Curated by our Executive Chef, Chef Ghosh, with over 40 years of his culinary expertise and experience, You will certainly experience the food offerings that are wholesome, authentic and eclectic!

Philosophy of Exploration:

Our philosophy mirrors the Arctic Tern’s adventurous spirit. We believe in exploring the less explored, in both brewing and culinary arts, to bring YOU a unique and diverse experience that enhances your Social Bonding.


At Wanderers, strive to give you beer-food pairing options that enhance the culinary experience! We suggest dishes that go well with a certain style of beer and vice-versa. Pairing our beers with food and food with beers, your tasting of both would compliment / cut each other to enhance savoring the dish / beer.

Our food and beer pairing is not just a feature – it’s an art form. Each dish on our menu comes with a recommended craft beer pairing, carefully selected to complement and enhance flavors and taste.

Best Beer and Food Pairing @Wanderers Craft Brwewry


Wanderers of the Seas, Wanderers of the Land & Soaring into the Skies

Spread over three floors, Wanderers, Bangalore is designed in three distinctly audio-visually differentiated space, each offering a different ambience to suit YOUR mood and need. From the cozy and intimate to the lively and vibrant, our spaces are designed to create the perfect setting for every visit


Wanderers of the Seas

The Ship is docked! Our brewhaus with its copper vessels – the engine of our ship; the bow of the ship as the bar counter and steering wheel for our taps, is docked. As we sit on the wharf, staring out at the murals of sea, with a floor niche of compass etched in marble, our Seas is a zone for family & friends. With non-intrusive music that’s soft, melodious; blending and weaving into your conversations, evoking nostalgia and memories, our Seas makes you drop a line and stay a while!

Oh…with India’s FIRST & ONLY mixed reality gaming system, and a pool table, its a place for fun and frolic too!


Wanderers of the Land

Our  Land,- pulses with vibrant energy. It’s the ultimate spot for clubbing and live entertainment, featuring high-end acoustics and a space for hosting private parties and events for up to 200 guests.

With a capability to host a range of events and activities, from Live Bands, DJ music, Theatre, Live Sports Screenings & movie screenings; our Land is built to be a center for Performing Arts!

We encourage and invite budding artists to showcase their talent in Open Mic, we are committed to performing arts and artists.


Soaring into the Skies

A Enchanting Rooftop Experience

One of  the finest roof top restaurants, our Skies offers you an experience that is quiet and calming the soul! With a cascading water-wall and windchimes to offer you the background music, nothing comes in between your conversations! Many a guest prefers our Skies from the cacophony of sound that assaults one in other pubs & bars! 

With Bengaluru’s first retractable roof, our Skies offer an all-weather rooftop experience, perfect for enjoying nature, wood-fired pizzas, and hosting memorable meetings.



India’s FIRST & ONLY Mixed Reality Gaming!

India’s FIRST & ONLY mixed reality gaming in Wanderers Bangalore offers 50+ games for kids of 5 years and above to professionals who wish to learn a thing or two… Mixed Reality Gaming has a game or two for Everyone!  From a casual game, to team building activities; for a child and a child in YOU, our gaming surely excites and involves you! 

Step into the gaming zone at Wanderers, Bangalore and discover a world of fun waiting for you! Our gaming area is the perfect spot for friends and families to bond over playful competition. It’s where laughter echoes, and friendly rivalries spark joy.

Authentic Craft Beer | Regional Food | Mixed Reality Gaming | Events

Your Next Great Memory Awaits

Join the Fun at Wanderers!

Don’t just hear about it, be a part of it! Gather your gang and step into the world of Wanderers today.”