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Sustainability at Wanderers Craft Brewery

Our Commitment to the Planet

At Wanderers Craft Brewery, sustainability isn’t just a concept – it’s a core part of our identity. We believe in crafting exceptional beer while nurturing the environment, making us a leader in sustainable brewing practices in India.

Eco-Friendly Brewing: A Cleaner Future

Our pioneering efforts include operating an in-house Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP), setting us apart as one of the few microbreweries in India conforming to strict effluent discharge norms. This initiative represents our dedication to a greener business model and a cleaner planet.

Water Conservation: Every Drop Counts

Water is the soul of brewing, and at Wanderers, we treasure it. Our water conservation practices aim to minimize usage without compromising on quality. The treated water from our ETP isn’t just discarded; it’s repurposed within our operations, significantly reducing our water footprint.


Waste Management: Closing the Loop

We have embraced a comprehensive approach to waste management, focusing on reducing, reusing, and recycling. Our food and non-food waste becomes a resource, feeding back into the supply chain. Spent malt from the brewery nourishes dairy farms, while food waste from our restaurant becomes a valuable input for piggery farms. This cycle supports local agriculture and contributes to producing milk and meat, demonstrating a sustainable loop from grain to glass and beyond.

Join us in our eco-journey, where every sip supports sustainability.

Come, be a part of the change – for good beer and a better world.