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The Wanderers Craft Brewery Story

The Art & Pride in Craft Beer!

The beginning!

The germ..the desire…the idea of Wanderers that was planted way back in 2007 became a reality in 2017 with Wanderers Craft Brewery & Artisan Cafe in Bangalore. It is a culmination of meeting, learning from passionate men and women from the brewing fraternity all over the World. This Grain-to-Glass knowledge became a reality with the brew-pub in 2017!

We believe Wanderers Craft Brewery & Artisan Cafe is an epitome of passion, eclectic design and a team that is committed to ensure our guests have a great time with us.

We are an experiential place offering several experiences to a wide section of guests with varying tastes and preferences. From savoring authentic European style craft beer; a multi-cuisine, multi-origin dishes from India & world; from being a Centre for Performing Arts – Live Bands, DJ with Dance Floor; Roof-top dining, Open Air Screening; Games for kids and adults, we believe we can claim to be a wholesome place for our guests. 

You do not have to be an expert to like our beers!

From a young professional enjoying a night out to the  beer cicerone; from a well-heeled traveler who has tasted the beers of the world to the youth who is exposed just to the domestic lagers, our authentic European style beers will cater to a wide range of palettes.

A Team United by Beer

Our team is a blend of artists and artisans, each contributing their expertise and passion to create an  experience that the guests would remember. We’re united by our love for craft beer and our commitment to excellence, ensuring that every pint we serve is a reflection of our dedication.

Our vision and mission statement:


Cultivating a Community of Craft Beer Enthusiasts

To be a sentinel of craft beer, seeped in the Art & Craft of brewing epitome of beer, that are crafted to local taste; offered fresh to enhance consumers’ social & cultural bonding.



To be a fulcrum to bring about appreciation of beer; weave social bonding around beer, food and entertainment; to elevate the brewpubs into oasis of social and cultural bonding.

Wanderers Craft Brewery is a journey across three different experience zones. From the serene ‘Wanderers of the Seas’ on the ground floor, perfect for family gatherings, to the vibrant ‘Wanderers of the Land’ on the first floor, buzzing with live entertainment, and culminating in the ‘Soaring into the Skies’ rooftop, where nature meets comfort – each floor offers a distinct experience.

Wanderers of the Seas

Deep, unfathomable and mystic, Seas are the ultimate and still largely unexplored, just as our soul!

She has arrived! The brew-house, ensconced in a ship having arrived, invites you to sit by her bow and enjoy the freshly brewed beers and share pride in our craft beer. You can also sit by the the wharf, looking out into the sea. The compass on the floor guides you, the wannabe traveller, to seek your destination!

Come……we invite you to sit by the wharf, contemplate, plan and / memorize the exploration of your journey, enjoying our Art & Pride in Craft Beer™!

Wanderers of the Land

Ascend to the first floor, ‘Wanderers of the Land,’ where energy pulses through the air. This floor is a haven for clubbing and live entertainment, boasting high-end acoustics for the ultimate auditory experience. From live bands and DJs to private screenings and sports events on a massive, sharp screen, this space is an electrifying hub for music and talent. This is where you can try your hand at tap your own beer at the Beer Cave, shaking a leg and jiving! It’s also the perfect venue for hosting unforgettable private parties and conferences for up to 200 guests.

Soaring into the Skies

Reach our rooftop, ‘Soaring into the Skies,’ offers a calm and serene space blessed by Bangalore weather and under the stars. With Bengaluru’s first retractable roof, this floor is a versatile, all-weather space that connects you with nature. Amidst cascading waterfalls and windchimes, you can savour our wood-fired pizzas and live food counters. It’s an ideal spot for  nature-lovers and those who wish to immerse in bonding with each other!

A Celebration for Every Occasion

From birthdays to anniversaries, corporate events to casual get-togethers, Wanderers is versatile and welcoming. Our space is your canvas to paint memories that last a lifetime.

We can offer exclusive spaces for 2 to 200 PAX be it for an intimate dinner, corporate meetings and parties!