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Savor the Flavors at Wanderers - A Culinary Journey

"Global Dishes, Local Flavors"

Craving a world of tastes? Wanderers Craft Brewery offers a diverse menu featuring authentic Indian and international delicacies. Perfect for the cosmopolitan palate, our multi-cuisine spread caters to every flavor preference. Join us for a dining adventure that spans continents and regions in India, right here in Bangalore.

Wandering the seven continents of the World for food, and also, traveling in India for food, we pick dishes from various regions of India basis their agro-climatic zones (not political States) and offer to our guests. This aims at offering our well heeled and well traveled guests to taste dishes from the world and their home! Certainly a one stop destination for multi-cultural and cosmopolitan patrons of namma Bengaluru!


Chef Sandeep Ghosh

Meet Chef Sandeep Ghosh, the Executive Chef with over 40 years of experience. He is an encyclopedia and a maverick! With vide range of abilities and experience, he is certainly a reason for You to come over and taste his art!

From authentic to fusion cuisines; from international shores to nooks and cranny of Indian regional cuisines, Chef Ghosh is a force that drives our food vertical at Wanderers.

Beer - Food Continuum!


At Wanderers Craft Brewery, we take pride in blending the art of brewing with culinary excellence. Our signature dishes blend beer and food – beer marinated and beer infused dishes; spent malt blended breads and pizzas; beer battered dishes that carry a whiff of malt and hops and taste of beer along with the flavor spices of food – a celebration of the unique bond between beer and food. These pairings / synergies are carefully crafted and executed that enhances Your dining experience.


Brewers Breads:

Take pleasure in Artisanal Detailing

A range of in-house baked breads that are blended with spent malt adding not only taste but also fiber to the breads are a taste to experience! The breads thus are not only tastier but also healthier. Try our brewers’ bread sticks, brewers’ triangles, cookies, sandwiches and of course the pizzas!


Beer Marinated Delights:

A Delightful Harmony of Tastes

Savor the richness of our beer-marinated specialities. From the tender, flavorful chicken roast to the crispy beer-battered fish and onion rings, each dish is a testament to the perfect marriage of beer and culinary art.


For a full exploration of our culinary delights, visit us at Come, join us at Wanderers Craft Brewery, where every dish is a journey, and every bite is a new discovery in the world of flavors.

Book a Table: Your Culinary Journey Awaits

Ready for an unforgettable dining experience?

 Book a table now and embark on a culinary adventure at Bangalore’s best craft brewery. Your taste journey is just a reservation away!