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Wanderers gaming arena


Welcome to a World of Interactive Fun!

Step into Wanderers Craft Brewery, Bangalore where gaming takes a whole new meaning! With India’s FIRST Mixed Reality Gaming from Germany, with 50+ games to suit kids of 5 years to professionals, the experience is for sure a exhilarating one…and exhausting too!

From entertainment to competition to training, the games cater to every interest. You should see your kids amazed at the balloons, fish floating; being quizzed on geography, creating music on a keyboard…beating to the rhythm of drums; the youth competing with each other on darts, football and moremeets innovation and fun knows no bounds.

We offer a unique gaming experience that combines the joy of traditional gaming with cutting-edge interactive technology  while enjoying and quenching your thirst and hunger with our food & beverages!. Perfect for families, friends, and solo adventurers, our gaming zone is the ultimate destination for anyone looking for a fun outing that’s comprehensive and wholesome! 

Revolutionizing Fitness and Fun

Our interactive gaming center redefines the concepts of fun and fitness. By combining physical activity with digital technologies and engaging gamification, we’re crafting a new era of interactive sports and workouts. It’s more than gaming; it’s an immersive journey into a new form of active entertainment, a solution to the decline in traditional sports engagement.

A Fusion of Worlds: Physical Meets Digital

Imagine a realm where the energy of sports and the allure of digital realms collide. Our gaming center isn’t just about playing; it’s a groundbreaking approach to gaming, where physical activities are seamlessly integrated with digital prowess, creating a mixed reality that’s both thrilling and new.

Immerse, Engage, and Revel

At Wanderers, every visit is a story waiting to unfold. Our interactive gaming center invites you to a world where each moment is active, immersive, and rewarding. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer, a fitness enthusiast, or simply seeking a unique escape, our center caters to all. thrilling and new.

Ready for an Unmatched Gaming Adventure?

Dive into a gaming experience like no other at Wanderers Craft Brewery in Bangalore. It’s time to gear up, step in, and revolutionize the way you play and interact. The future of gaming awaits – are you ready to be a part of it?