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Welcome to the Art & Pride in craft Beer

Step into our world in Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore where every sip tells a story. We are all about creating  authentic craft beer for the City that loves its beer as much as we love crafting it! Our authentic European style craft beers, mixed with beers from other origins surely give you taste of beers, as beers OUGHT to be!

Learn About Craft Beer

What is Craft Beer?

Craft beer is a beer made in small batches, with varied raw materials, different styles, to suit different and varied palettes of consumers. Unlike a mass produced commercial beer where one beer suits all, a craft beer is as individual as You!

Made in small batches, crafted by brewers who are open to experimentation, craft beer is the work of an art. Hence, it is well to remember, that there can be a variation among the batches and beers when you visit a craft brewery.

Craft breweries produce beer in smaller batches, allowing for attention to detail and quality control. The craft breweries often experiment with ingredients and brewing methods, resulting in a wide range of flavors and styles.

What is Craft Beer?
Brewed With Precision, Served With Pride

The Artisanal Spirit of Wanderers Craft Brewery

At Wanderers Craft Brewery, we pour our heart into every pint. Our state-of-the-art brewery, imported from one of the oldest brew-house manufacturers in Germany, stands as a testament to our commitment to crafting exceptional beers. We honor the legacy of brewing by partnering with maltsters who are artists in their own right, dedicated to the science and tradition of malting.

A Blend of Heritage and Passion

Our beers are the offspring of tradition and dedication.  Every batch is a labor of love, brewed by our devoted team who pour their lives into the science and art of beer making. We carry on the legacy of the Art & Pride in Craft Beer™, ensuring that each pint we serve is steeped in history and quality.

Sensory Pleasures in Every Sip

Crafted with meticulous care, our beers are a harmony of select malts and the finest hops, chosen to heighten the sensory delight of each sip. Here at Wanderers, our beers are more than just a drink; they are sensory experiences designed to be savored, conversations waiting to be had. 

From Vision to Pint - A Master Brewer's Journey

Our Brewing Team: Craftsmanship Led by Kiran Reddy

At Wanderers Craft Brewery, our beers are crafted under the expert guidance of Kiran Reddy, our founder and Chief Executive. With 15 years of brewing experience, Kiran’s journey from being a leader in Indian brewing Supply Chain, a home brewer to a founder of a premium German microbrewery in India reflects in every pint we serve.

Unique in his dual role, he combines executive leadership with hands-on brewing, ensuring each brew is a masterpiece of flavor and quality.

Come, experience the artistry of Kiran and his team at Wanderers, where every beer tells a story of passion and precision.

Food-beer Pairings: A MATCH MADE IN WANDERERS!

Beer - Food Pairing to enhance your sensory experience!

Since our beer and food are made with such passion, every dish we offer is paired with a beer that enhances savoring each other! Our menu suggests you to pair our beers with the dishes and vice-versa at Wanderers.

Discover combinations that’ll elevate your dining experience, turning a simple meal into a culinary adventure!

Our Beers: A Journey of Flavors

Explore Our Diverse Craft Beer Selection

We’ve got a range of beers that’ll make your taste buds dance! From the classic smoothness of our German-style lagers to the bold character of our artisanal ales, every beer is a celebration of flavors. We take you on a tour of tastes with each pour, accompanied by high-quality images and notes on what makes each beer special.

Cauver Bliss- Wanderers Craft Brewery
cauvery bliss

Bubbly, cheery, sessionable! Light, aromatic Indian pilsner, our ode to mother Cauvery! The local taste for you.

Lager | Pilsner

ABV: 3.50 – 4.0 

 BU: 15-20

Food Pairing Suggestions: 

Salads | Grilled Vegetables / Chicken | Pizza | Pasta | Seafood | Cheesecake

Fruit infused beer(fib)

Fresh seasonal fruit infused beer – our signature. Feel the burst of fruit flavours & taste enriching your experience! 

Lager | Pilsner

ABV: 3.0 – 4.0 | 

BU: 10-15

Food Pairing Suggestions: 

Salads | Grilled Vegetables / Chicken | Pizza | Pasta | Seafood | Cheesecake


Orange on the eyes…burst of clove & banana on the nose, creamy & fresh on the palette! Our Hefe…as authentic as it is!

Ale | Hefeweizen

ABV: 4.50 – 5.50 | 

BU: 15-20

Food Pairing Suggestions: 

Salads |Eggs | Tikka | Light Seafood | Bacon |Lemon Tart | Apple Pie

The Indus Wanderers Craft Brewery

Richey red, citrussy burst, pleasant hoppiness that lingers on! Our English IPA, a perfect balance of life: sweet and bitter!

Lager | Pilsner

ABV: 4.50 – 6.0 |

 BU: 45

Food Pairing Suggestions: 

Cheddar Cheese |Steak | Indian Curries | Burgers | Fried Foods | Carrot Cake

LA Trappe Wanderers Craft Brewery

Brewed with dedication and perseverance! Flavourful, strong, and satiating to your pallete. Unique in every sip and the taste…Come… hear the tranquillity!

Ale | Trappist Dubbel

ABV: 6.50 – 7.0 | 

BU: 25-30

Food Pairing Suggestions: 

Blue Cheese |Sandwiches | Pasta | Seafood |Tikka | Fruit Salad & Ice cream

Hipster Wanderers Craft Brewery

British style porters & stouts. Creamy, rich coffee to chocolate flavoured. Nitrogen conditioned (– not just infused) full bodied that rocks & rolls in your palette!

Ale | Stout

ABV: 4.5 – 6.0 

| BU: 15 – 20

Food Pairing Suggestions: 

Salads |BBQ / Roasted Chicken | Fire roasted veg / chicken Pizza| Chocolate Cake

Explore and Find Your Match

Discover our beers and food pairings today!

For more information, or to get in touch, check out our contact details and follow us on social media for the latest updates from Wanderers Craft Brewery.

“Humankind was built on beer. From the world’s first writing to its first laws, in rituals social, religious, and political, civilization is soaked in beer.”

- William Bostwick