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Beer was probably discovered independently by many ancient cultures – Mesopotamia (region between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, in what is known today as Iraq) (6000 BC); Egypt (5000 BC); Nubia, Africa (4000 BC) have the earliest records of brewing of Beer. A Beer drinking scene carved on a 6000-year-old Mesopotamian clay tablet is the earliest known evidence of Beer. Ancient Mesopotamian Beer was a sweet, thick brew made from malted barley, dates and honey. Because it was unfiltered, people used straws to penetrate the layer of solids that floated on top of the Beer. The most detailed painting of ancient Egyptian brewing scenes are on an Old Kingdom wall in the tomb of Ti, a high official in the pharaoh’s court, who was buried in the royal city of Saqqara. It is from these ancient lands, barley cultivation and brewing of beer spread to Europe and established itself as a vital social and refreshing drink!

The earliest known brewers of beer were women.

The earliest known usage of Hops – the female flowers of the vine Humulus lupulus in brewing was just about 1200 years ago. Hops were used for its excellent preservative characters. The bitterness and aroma that hops impart in Beer was incidental, at that time. However, with the progress in preservation technologies, hops are currently used for their aromatic and bittering properties. Hop harvesting is a huge social event in Europe, linked with the migrating families all across Europe.

Our Team

The brewing team is led by Kiran Reddy, a Grain-to-Glass expert with about 15 years’ experience in brewing industry. Having started off as a home brewer, with wide exposure to global and Indian craft beer trends and profiles.

He is the founder & Chief Executive of the Company too…perhaps the ONLY Chief executive & founder who brews at their brew-pub!

Artic Tern

OUR Beer

With the state-of-the-art brewery from Germany, from one of the oldest manufacturers of brew-houses in the world, our brewery is our commitment to our craft beers! Brewed with malts from maltsters who are equally passionate about their science & art of malting; brewed by our brewers with passion, commitment and life dedicated to beers; our beers are a continuation of the tradition in the Art & Pride in Craft Beer™!

Crafted with care, our beers are brewed with choicest malts; hopped with select hops to enhance your sensory pleasures, savouring our beers.


“Humankind was built on beer. From the world’s first writing to its first laws, in rituals social, religious, and political, civilization is soaked in beer.”

- William Bostwick