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Craft Beer! As individual as YOU!

Beer is local! Craft beer in bangalore!

And craft beers… more so! Craft beers are an adaptation and response to local tastes, palettes, and preferences.

Craft beers are as different and individual as you! Craft beers are like your family and friends you can choose and (to) be with! From light lagers to flavourful ales; from dark and dusky to light and sparkling; from mouthful (handful) full bodied to svelte and light with aroma that at once reminds you and transports you from malt rich childhood, fresh cut grass that you may have rolled in; to the citrus blooms and cherry blossoms craft beers are your friends from past to the times you pine for! Touching you the moment you hold, reaching out to you, with bubbling effervescence, reaching out to you with happiness that is bitter, yet sweet; making you search for sweetness in bitterness and bitterness in sweetness…. craft beers are epitome of time, space and nostalgia! Wanderers in bangalore is ready to serve and offer you best craft beers.

The variety of craft beers precisely take into consideration us being individualistic. They are brewed to offer one a variety to choose from: from sessionable light lagers or pilsners, to deeply alluring reds, orange, amber and dark ales with varying body, bitterness, taste and ABV. One is supposed to taste and choose among the variety and enjoy the one that meets / suits their taste palette.

Needless to say…no one beer needs to…can be liked by all / everyone!!

So, next time you are offered a choice, explore the variety, see how the beer ‘speaks’ to you…meets you and takes you… to your taste fulfillment! Vist Wanderers craft brewery and enjoy the best craft beers.

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