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What is our philosophy in our beer offering?

Wanderers in bangalore brew ‘authentic’ European style beers, tweaked to the Indian palette. We brew and offer craft beer as ‘it ought to be’. Why European style beers? Steeped in history, tradition and wisdom of ages, European beers are epitome of beers. It is thus natural that we benchmark the styles to offer and reinforce our Art & Pride in Craft Beer® ! Enjoy the beer offering at wanderers pub.

Our beers are brewed with malt, hops, water and yeast (Reinheitsgebot – the German purity law) all naturally, with no additives and process aids. In addition to being a testimony of the quality of brewing raw materials we use – produced by maltsters who are as passionate as us; it is trust in our German brauhaus and our skill at brewing of beer.

Our beers are conditioned in a combination of nitrogen and carbon di-oxide, rendering our beers smooth and creamy. Our beers do not bloat you up or make you burp. Our stouts / porters having conditioned in – not just infused with nitrogen, are a connoisseur’s delight!

Does it mean that we straightjacketed in brewing styles? Narrowly defined?


Our barrel aged Maya is a Belgian Dubbel that’s aged for about 6 months in an oaken whiskey barrel that’s offered to you with a melange of flavors and taste that is hard to discern the origins of! Is the burst of flavor from the hops? Or from the remnants of whiskey notes?  Is the earthy taste from the malts or the oak barrel? The taste and flavors of malts, oak, whiskey and alcohol make you wonder the origins…truly the Maya of beer!

We brew Indian and American lagers using rice and maize (adjunct beers) that are light & sessionable. Our Fruit Infused Beers (FIB) are our unique offering wherein we infuse fresh seasonal fruit in our beer to give you the combined pleasure of the fruit and a beer. Have you tried our benchmarked Jack Fruit beer? You should!

Indeed: we brew beer for our patrons who love beer as much as we love brewing it! Come, share our Art & Pride in Craft Beer® ! Visit Wanderers craft brewery

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