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Eat together | Wanderers Craft Brewery

Eat together or eating together is an act of bonding is a well-established truth! It is said that a family that eats together stays together. Wanderers Craft Brewery will help you understand the real meaning of Eat together and make you appreciate it.

We are committed to our single avowed objective of enhancing the social bonding of the patrons who walk in. It can be a group of friends who have come to hang out, a bunch of colleagues trying to have fun after a tiring day at the office, a family reunion, or even couples trying something new at a date. With our offering of authentic craft beer…beer as beer ought to be, along with food that’s multi-regional and multi-cultural, we are built to cater to different varieties of tastes and sensibilities of patrons.

The ambience that we offer is a once in a lifetime experience.  An ambience that is eclectic, spacious, spread out in three experience zones, offering an open all-weather rooftop that is retractable should definitely not be missed. It also includes live music and performances! You might get a chance to meet the singer you love! That Instagram photo is going to go viral!

Do you love sports? Come experience our live sports screenings with the best acoustics in town. It also includes private screenings! So, if you do not want to be disturbed, we have got you covered! If you wants to enjoy wanderers craft brewery, there is no other place than wanderers pub.

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