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Mixed Reality Gaming: How unique!

We all have played with our friends, interacted and played with devises and gaming equipment. Have you experienced Mixed reality gaming that physically activates you, challenges you and yet your playing partner or the opponent is the digital games?

Wanderers pub in association with Pole Star Gaming, brings you India’s first and only mixed reality gaming that fuses physical activity with digital games and wanderers craft brewery.

The mixed reality sports system consists of 30+ games categorised under Exercise, Entertainment and Educational verticals.

Range of sports training modules help serious athletes in enhancing their skill level and help them in getting to the next level, while the fun games attract all age groups to enjoy sports fun and keep themselves active and healthy with a fun filled approach. Educational games are specially designed to combine physical activity and learning process to help younger kids to enjoy subjects like Maths, Geography and more.

The current challenge is in making physical activity more enjoyable and fun enough to attract people, particularly the younger generation to practice a healthy lifestyle. The sole driving factor here is to innovate the way to get more and more people active and healthy with a fun approach to it.

Fitness: Focus on the fun, not the burn.

We make your fitness goals more enjoyable and filled with fun. Burning calories, keeping in shape, staying fit is made easy and entertaining without even realising it. Exercising can get boring, but it doesn’t have to be with a MultiBall gaming platform.

Fun: Play & Party

We make it memorable for you and your partner, kids, friends and colleagues on special occasions with various fun activities.

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